Apply Panels views

Attainia tools are designed to use a single window to view all content; however, there are times when you'll want to optimize the summary Panels (in the upper right window).

Full view

Panel view

The buttons in the upper right navigation bar enable you to manage these display options.

Panel adjustment buttons

Panel adjustment buttons

The Panel buttons allow you to move from a full view to 1/2 panel view horizontaly, 1/2 panel vertically, or full page.

Example of 1/2 page vertical view

This view allows the user to continue to browse via the Category or Supplier panel while also browsing Products

Example of 1/2 page horizontal view

This view allows the user to browse Products and view Product detail in the lower panel.

Full Product View

This view allows you to optimize the Product panel into your entire window for optimal browsing.

Adjusting Views, Product Filters, Categories, Suppliers panels

Occasionally, the Views, Product Filters, Categories, or Suppliers panels may be too narrow. You may click and drag the window to re-size it vertically or horizontally.


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