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Problem: Running Reports Causes PLAN window to close

Flash Player has released the newest version of their Flash Player (version and we are finding that this version incorporates some changes that may be interfering with how PLAN runs reports and exports. Please follow the steps below to enable the PLAN application to stay open when running these reports.

2. Click the Start button next to PLAN

3. When the PLAN window opens, select the full URL path by clicking into the address bar pressing Ctrl-A on your keyboard

4. Once the full URL is selected, copy it by pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard

5. Close the current PLAN window

6. Open a new tab in your browser by pressing Ctrl-T

7. Paste the URL you copied (by pressing Ctrl-V on your keyboard) into the address bar of that new tab

8. Press Enter

9. The PLAN application will load into the new tab you created and should operate normally when running reports


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