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How to address Excel reports that open but do not load

A security release in July 2016 by Microsoft to tighten security when opening files that were downloaded from the internet has had a side-effect when running Excel reports generated by Attainia. This release has caused some of our members to see only a blank document. Follow the steps below to address this scenario.

Step 1 - Ensure that your Internet Explorer settings are properly configured.

NOTE: This step needs to be configured regardless of which browser you use to access Attainia.

Instructions for that can be found here: How to configure Internet Explorer

Step 2 - Open Excel (without opening an Excel file)

Step 3 - Click on "File" > "Options"

Step 4 - Under "Trust Center", select "Trust Center Settings"

Step 5 - Under "Trust Center Settings", select "Protected View"

Step 6 - UNcheck "Enable Protected View for files originating from the Internet"

Step 7 - Click OK on all open Settings windows

Step 8 - Restart computer

In order for the settings to take effect, a full computer restart is strongly recommended.


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