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Adobe Flash Player (Flex) Disk Space Allocation

Attainia's Web 2.0 technology runs on Adobe Flash Player. In order to optimize the user experience, some information will be stored on your own computer. This creates a more seamless experience for you as a user, allowing you to navigate more efficiently through the panels. Users will be prompted to accept this data storage the first time they open an Attainia application.

Granting Permission to Store Information on Your Computer

When the prompt appears requesting permission to store information on your computer, you'll need to click Allow. If you choose Deny, you will be unable to utilize Attainia tools.

Adjusting Storage Capacity for Flash Player

To access this pop up at a later time, launch the Attainia application and right click your mouse. Click on Settings.

Storage Recommendations

Attainia's recommended setting is Unlimited. User the slider to push the bar to the far right, then click Close.


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