Attainia 2.0 Browser Guide

2.0 Browser Description

The Attainia Browser is a simple, stand-alone application created in Electron. This application bundles all prerequisites for accessing the online Attainia application. This browser is designed to disallow access to non-Attainia web resources in order to simplify operation and security.


o Intel CPU

o Windows 7+ or Mac OS 10.12+ (Windows 10 64-bit and Mac OS 10.14+ recommended)

o 200MB hard disk space (400MB for MSI installer)

o 512MB RAM (2GB+ recommended)

What’s Under the Hood

Electron: Electron is a framework for creating native Windows® and MacOS® applications using Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Electron automatically bundles Chromium as a browser that loads all application resources. The Attainia Browser backend is locked to Chromium 85, as the Chromium project does not support Flash after version 85.

Pepper Flash Player: The Pepper Flash Player plugin is required to use the Attainia application, and the bunlded version is 32.0.0223.

Common Issues

The Attainia Browser is a very simple application and usually requires little to no special considerations. However, it is recommended that you close and start the application daily or whenever you encounter an error to ensure proper operation going forward.

A Word on Security

The Attainia Browser is at its most basic, a locked version of the Chromium browser with a locked version of Pepper Flash, wrapped in Electron. Therefore, as this is based upon legacy technology, certain updates that are released for these packages cannot be applied to the Attainia Browser as it would prevent the Attainia Browser from functioning. Due to the fact that Adobe Flash is considered end-of-life at the end of this year, 2020, it is highly unlikely that further patches will be available for the Attainia Browser Application in order to maintain its stability. In an effort to minimize risk to our clients, the Attainia Browser only connects to our Attainia application URL:

The application URL is configured to be as secure as reasonably possible, utilizing SSL and HSTS. The only plugins loaded are the Chromium PDF viewer plugin and the Pepper Flash plugin.

For concerns regarding DNS Hijacking, Chromium has included safeguards as of version 78 that mitigate this risk. Below is Google’s wording on this issue:

"In an attempt to detect whether a network can hijack DNS queries, Google’s Chrome browser and its Chromium based counterparts randomly conjure up three domain names to be checked between 7 and 15 characters, and if two domain answers return the same Address, the browser assumes the network catches and redirects non-existent domain requests. This check will be performed upon initialization, and if the IP or DNS settings of a system alter."

Instructions to Install Attainia 2.0 Browser Application

Step 1: Download the “Attainia 2.0 Browser” Zip File

You will receive the “Attainia 2.0 Browser” as a Google Drive link in an email from your CSE or can download it from this article below.  Double-click the zip file to open and download it.

Attainia 2.0 Browser App: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Step 2: Install the "Attainia 2.0 Browser"

From your Downloads folder, right-click and select Extract All to unzip the downloaded folder.

Double-click on the .exe file when prompted, click Run to install.

Click Agree to Licensing Agreement.

If the installation fails, please reach out to your IT Department to Run as Administrator.

Step 3: Login to the Attainia 2.0 Browser application

Once successfully installed, the Attainia 2.0 Browser will auto-populate and you will be taken to the login screen. Proceed to login with your usual login credentials.

Step 4: Attainia 2.0 Browser Access Installation Completed

Congratulations! Your Attainia 2.0 Browser installation has been successfully completed. You can locate the Attainia 2.0 Browser by searching at the Start button and keying in “Attainia Browser” or you can place it on your desktop and access via the shortcut icon. If you require technical assistance during the installation or login process, please contact us at

In addition, there's some known Common Behavior differences that users may notice when accessing the software via the Attainia 2.0 Browser. These are detailed in the document below (Click on the below PDF icon to Download):


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