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Respond to a QUOTE Request

As a manufacturer or distributor, you may utilize the Attainia QUOTE system to interact with potential buyers. Whether you are an existing member of the Attainia community, or a first time visitor, communication will be streamlined with buyers and buyer representatives.

QUOTE request notifications

The above is a sample notification you will receive for a request for quote from the Attainia QUOTE system.

Accessing the QUOTE Request online

Clicking the link in your notification email will bring you to the Sign In or Register page. If you have an Attainia account, you may log in. If you are new to Attainia, click on Register, create an account and return to the process.

Manually logging into QUOTE to respond

You may also access a QUOTE Request from the Attainia main menu. Enter the Supplier Quote code and click Sign In.

Accepting or Declining a QUOTE Request

This Accept/Decline screen allows you to confirm that you are, in fact, the appropriate contact for the request. You will be asked to certify your authority and commit to an Estimated Response Date, for expediting purposes. If you are not the appropriate contact, we'll request that you provide that contact information.

View QUOTE Request details

The final screen of the wizard will display basic details of the Request. You'll also receive an email, along with any attached documentation.

Returning to QUOTE

Once you have acknowledged the QUOTE Request, returning to the page will prompt another log in, as shown above.

Attaching Quote documents to a QUOTE Request

Once a QUOTE Request has been accepted, you may upload and attach Documents.

Note about responses

Attainia will monitor responses. If your organization chooses not to respond, Attainia will follow up with you to determine if perhaps another channel is available for a response.


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