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QUOTE Overview ~ How does it work?

Requesting a Quote is simple and available via the following Attainia channels:

1.  Via PLAN Items or Products

2.  Via BUDGET Request

3.  Via WATCH Products

Request a Quote

Request a Quote





How QUOTE works

Requesting a Quote in PLAN via Item Detail

In PLAN, the Quote feature is accessible from any Item Detail.  The Item may be specified, or unspecified.  Clicking on Quote will launch the QUOTE wizard.

Requesting a Quote in BUDGET via Request Detail

In BUDGET, the Quote feature is accessible from any Request Detail.  The Item may be specified, or unspecified.  Clicking on Quote will launch the QUOTE wizard.

Requesting a Quote in WATCH or PLAN via Product Detail

In WATCH, the Quote feature is accessible from any Product Detail.  Clicking on Quote will launch the QUOTE wizard.

Using the QUOTE Wizard

The Request Details allows you to select what details you wish to send to the Supplier, while also providing deadlines.

You have four (4) choices on Request Type:

  • Request for Proposal (RFP):  A preliminary request for configuration suggestions and pricing
  • Request for Quote (RFQ):  A vendor request focused on price
  • Request for Bid (RFB):  A multi-vendor request focused on price
  • Request for Information (RFI):  A preliminary request for information


Select Suppliers

Whether you wish to sole source, or competitive bid, the Suppliers tab allows you to select which suppliers to include in your inquiry.

  • Blue (C) contract flag:  A national GPO contract is available
  • Green (C) contract flag:  A local or regional contract is available
  • Recycle symbol:  Aftermarket inventory is available for this product

A note about Suppliers:

  • Member Suppliers validate their content and actively participate in the Attainia community.  
  • Other Suppliers provide products in the selected categories, but do not support those product listings.

Customize Supplier contact information

The Supplier Description will give you a brief overview of the selected Supplier.   Catalog contact details may populate here with corporate contacts, but you may also add your local or regional sales rep details for additional email distributions.

Note:  You will see Contacts based on the highlighted Supplier in the panel above.

Contact Info

Contact Info will pull details from your Attainia user profile.  If you wish to modify these details, visit your Profile as found on the top tool bar of all applications.  

You may also CC other team members by entering their email addresses in the Send Copy of This Request To.


The Notes tab allows you to add any additional pertinent details or attach supporting documents.

NOTE:  Version 1.0 of QUOTE is limited to singular requests.  Consider running Item Detail reports in PLAN or exporting Requests in BUDGET and attaching them as a Document in cases where you are requesting a quote on multiples, or additional products or items.

NOTE:  Project Documents allows you to attach documents from PLAN or BUDGET.  If you select a Type, a Browse button will appear, allowing you to select and attach additional documents from your desktop.

Review and Submit

What happens next?

Detailed information regarding requests:

1. The supplier is automatically notified that a quote is pending.  They receive an email indicating that they have a quote pending action. If they choose to reply, they have the ability to “log in” to Attainia to accept/deny whether they will participate in supplying the quote. Once they “accept” they receive the users email details to contact them and further engage via email.

2. Supplier acknowledgements are saved in your History (PLAN and BUDGET) when sent from an Item or Request.

3. Correspondence between the user and the supplier(s) will be outside the Attainia application via email.

4. If the supplier does not respond to your request by the designated Response Date, please feel free to reach out to Attainia for help with contacting them.


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